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oscars_predictions_2018smallThe Most and Least Fashionable Moments of the 2016 Oscars!
Despite the difficulty in the predictions this year, we will share with you which films we think will win the Oscar in all 24 categories.


The Most and Least Fashionable Moments of the 2016 Oscars!
Some did a good job by avoiding many fashion mistakes others, unfortunately, couldn’t help but commit…

thumb_oscars16_winners88th Academy Awards: Definitely the Year of Mad Max, The Revenant & Spotlight!
71% of our Oscars predictions were correct, so here are the winners…

thumb_oscars16_predictionsOur 2016 Oscars Predictions: Arabs Might Grab their First Oscar for Best Live Action Short!
Here are our predictions for this year…

thumb_oscars16_nominationsOscars 2016: 12 Nominations for The Revenant and One Nomination for Ave Maria
The long awaited Academy Awards nominations list was finally announced today…

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