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Alaïa: Farewell Master!

When I discovered French-Tunisian fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa, it felt like I finally discovered one of the greatest masters of all time. It was back in 2013 – yes pretty recently considering his career and greatest fashion moments – in Paris where I was mesmerized by his unique creations which were exposed at Galliera Museum and displayed at Galeries Lafayette. I remember the precision of his cut – never trust a designer who can’t handle a pair of scissors! , his timeless close-fitting designs – could be worn anytime and throughout the years – and the architectural shapes. The latter could have been influenced by his early career as a sculptor and his fascination for the human form.

Azzedine Alaïa at the Palais Galliera | Photo: Trendland

Alaïa was known as a rebel in the fashion industry. He never abided by fashion weeks’ calendars, organizing his own shows according to his own schedule. The man in black who greatly impacted the 80s and could stand out on the runway despite his small figure was one of the most independent designers yet one of the most influential.

I can’t recall Alaïa through the hundreds of public figures who wore one of his designs. Because what makes Alaïa so special is his own design not who wore it as well as the statement he made: fashion is more than a piece of clothing: it is a way of empowering women.

Farewell Master Alaïa…

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Vermeer and Van Gogh visiting the Lebanese University

Photos of Johannes Vermeer‘s 1665 masterpiece “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and Vincent Van Gogh‘s self-portrait mixed together in one painting were trending on Facebook. What seem to be a real painting or maybe a photography of a painting is actually a lively scene created from scratch by the Students of the Lebanese University – Institute of Fine Arts – Section 1 in Hadath on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Institute of Fine Arts.

The painting is a lively scene with real materials and real people acting as Van Gogh and the Girl with a Pearl Earring, wearing the same clothes as the ones represented in the paintings, and covered from head to toe with several colors matching the original paintings: blue, yellow, red, white and black, with an incredible sense of details.

This project entitled “Double V: Van Gogh & Vermeer” was finalized in less than one day (23:47:50 as mentioned in the post of Ali Itani) by Zeinab Al Maaz, Shaza Abou Shakra, Tharwa Zeitoun, Aya Abu Hawash, Zeinab Ayash, Zainab Ayoub, Iffa Mseileb, Fatima Fneish, Mariam Kamaleddin and Mohmd Hussein Mistrah.

When we have the minimum of tools but mostly the maximum of creativity and passion, we can create astonishing works like this one.

Post written by Nadine Asmar