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Balmain and H&M: The Most Anticipated Collaboration of the Year… Save the Date: November 5, 2015


This year, H&M teamed up with Balmain’s young creative director Olivier Rousteing and their collection, which will hit stores on November 5, 2015, is aiming the “young generation” with the powerful mix of Maison Balmain: Confidence and Attitude. “It is all about energy, positivity, strength and friendship”, says Rousteing. The collaboration is expected to be the most expensive one yet. H&M customers have already tweeted their disappointment but couldn’t hide their admiration towards the magnificent collection which you can already see in a vibrant and futuristic design on H&M’s website.

The collection is inspired from the mainline Balmain collections. The target is to spread the “culture of Balmain” through a popular store and what is seen as affordable prices in comparison with the Haute Couture pieces of the Maison Balmain.

Watch the video campaign starring Kendall Jenner and The Kendalls


We have selected some of the eye (and heart)-catching pieces which are already displayed online with their correspondent prices. From electric blue to velvet red, with a wide range of black and white pieces, the collection doesn’t seize to amaze us. It features high waist patterns with thick and rich satin and velour that shape dresses, pants and skirts, as well as military-like patterns with amazing embroideries for men and women. The most remarkable pieces are those inspired from Pharaonic culture. A blend of cultures, fabrics and colors… Imagination, creativity, sharpness and refinement… In your closets starting November 5, 2015!

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Post written by Pascale Asmar

The Everlasting Star: SABAH

Even at 87, Sabah didn’t stop dazzling the audience with her great sense of fashion and her daring choices of colors, fabrics, styles and designers. She will always be remembered as a fashionista with bold choices that made her a worldwide renowned star.

At the time Sabah rose as a young star of the gold black and white screen, fashion choices were limited. Colorful, sparkling, and above all expectations, Sabah was always glamorous. In the 70s, Sabah made a scandal when she wore tiny shorts on stage. She was considered a fashion icon in the Middle-East and abroad.

Sabah collaborated with many famous fashion designers like William Khoury, Robert Abi Nader, Ella Zahlan, Zuhair Murad and Nabil Younes. She was an inspiration for many fashion designers like Ella Zahlan and Sarah’s bag. Many designers owe Sabah their success who was always generous towards them. She never gave importance to a designer’s fame: she only wore what made her beautiful, happy and shining.

Fashion tip from Sabah: Whatever you are wearing, don’t forget to add your smile because it’s what makes a woman truly beautiful.

  • Sabah in William Khoury

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  • Sabah in Ella Zahlan

  • Sabah in Nabil Younes

  • Sabah inspired Sarah’s bag

  • Sabah making an appearance in a beautiful colorful dress in Aractingi’s movie Bosta

At that time, everyone wanted to be like Sabah…. Everyone wanted to be Sabah

Rest In Peace Sabah, the Legend

Shopping Alexander Wang’s collection… Some tips and pieces of advice!

The collection will hit H&M stores worldwide on November 6, 2014. Wang x H&M If you’re able to shop online in your country of residence, you might wanna pre-select the items you wanna buy. Expect the website to go down since it will be crowded. If you’re opting for a shopping at H&M boutiques, first, check the point of sales since the collection won’t be displayed in all H&M stores. Second, you need to reserve your spot early in the morning to ensure being able to access your selected items before anyone else. In some selected stores, your shopping time is around 10 minutes max! So be sure to hurry and pick your favorite items. For changes and returns, you can still benefit from H&M’s policy within 28 to 30 days (depends if you bought online or at the points of sales). The Wang collection is limited. Hence, H&M is having a strict policy for its online and boutique sales:

  • 1 piece/size/item/person. Please note that the number of items may vary if you’re buying online or in stores, and it depends on your country.
  • Shoppers will form a group of 20 persons. A 10 minute shopping time will be allowed for each group.
  • Colored bracelets will be distributed by H&M staff to organize the groups.

You can still access H&M stores if you don’t want to buy the designer’s collection. Bon shopping chez H&M!

Alexander Wang x H&M: The Wait is over for the Most Anticipated Collaboration of the Year!

The video of the campaign was finally launched by Wang.

The sports-wear themed collection that includes black clothes and accessories will hit stores on November 6.

Wang launched his collection in New York on October 16, 2014, surrounded with athletes, R&B, hip-hop, and front-stars: Eddie Redmayne (wearing a black sweatshirt from the collection), Jessica Chastain, Dakota Fanning, Solange and Mary J Blige.

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang greeting the crowd after the show. Photograph: Randy Brooke/Getty Images for H&M
Alexander Wang, Sharaya J & Solange Knowles
Alexander Wang, Sharaya J and Solange Knowles at the Alexander Wang X H&M Launch in New York. Photograph: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty for H&M
Wang’s collection for H&M
Sneak peak from Wang’s collection for H&M. Photo courtesy of H&M Philippines for rappler.com

More pictures can be found on Wang’s Official Facebook Page

Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person: From Jackie and Audrey to Diana and Amal

Oscar de la Renta rose as a major figure in the fashion world thanks to dressing the former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy

He worked for major fashion houses – Balenciaga, del Castillo, Lanvin and Balmain – before founding his own fashion house. At Balenciaga, he used to pick pins up from the floor”. At Lanvin, they asked him to run a gig: to drape, though he never did it! He called a fashion school and asked them to teach him in a month what they teach in a year!

He was the costume designer of one episode of “Great Performances: Dance in America”

He appeared as himself in many documentaries, TV shows and movies

He was a major contributor to the internationalization of the American style, hitting runways after runways with style, elegance and taste

He crafted a dress like a piece of art: embroideries, lace, and all the delicateness a woman could inspire him

Some of the best and rare moments of Oscar de la Renta