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Attending the biggest Award Shows: Allowed or Banned?

As it’s the Oscars week, and the since Awards season is coming to an end, we have thought of giving you another type of throwbacks and highlights. So we decided to talk today about the Award show tickets that allow the general audience to attend and watch the annual Award ceremonies.


Let’s start with the Oscars: while preparing for the 14th edition which was held on February 26, 1942 at the Biltmore Bowl at the Biltmore Hotel, two major events took place: the first one was the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, and the second one was the death of the famous actress Carole Lombard, who was killed during an airplane crash while returning to the US on January 1942. Because of these two tragic events, the Academy decided to cancel the awards ceremony. But the new Academy president then, Bette Davis, suggested to have the event at a large auditorium where the public will be invited to buy tickets to watch the ceremony under several modified conditions. The proceeds of the tickets were given to the Red Cross. Then in the 19th edition of the Academy Awards, the general public was allowed for the first time to buy their tickets in order to watch the ceremony. Nowadays, the Academy is making sure to have all the guests and invited public figures sign a release which is a promise not to resell or give away their seats to the show, but unfortunately some companies were trying to hawk the tickets for high costs starting $85,000 for a ticket, and the academy accused several companies especially in 2008. in 2009 they accused an Arizona-based firm that offered a trip for seven days to Hollywood including the accommodations at the Bel Air hotel and a ticket to the Oscars for $175,000 (according to The Fiscal Times).


There’s another type of Award shows that are dedicated for the support of independent filmmaking. Let’s take the example of the Spirit Awards which allows to buy tickets in two different seating groups: – the first group is reserved for the purchase of a Spirit Awards table which has ten seats. the prices vary according to the position of the table and its proximity to the stage, so the prices range is from $20,000 to $50,000, and the seating is extremely limited. – the second group is reserved for the ones who join the Spirit’s Arts Circle to support the Film Independent, enjoying various meaningful benefits throughout the year, including receiving individual tickets to attend the Awards show.

There are many Award shows which allow the public to buy their tickets and attend the show, such as the Critics Choice Movie Awards who have for example the Table style seating for $4450 a ticket. As for the Golden Globe Awards, it’s one of the most difficult events to gain access to (for the general audience and the celebrities) especially that it’s an “A-List only” event. But some ticket providers offer the audience tickets to gain access to view parties and after parties, especially the ones given by “InStyle” and Warner Brothers (according to ehow.com).