Zyara: True Stories to Change your Perception of the World!

It’s time to finally meet the famous Zyara (Visit), the award-winning Documentary Web Series produced in 2014 showing real stories of citizens! After touring the world and grabbing several awards at international festivals, the team of Zyara revealed yesterday, December 1, the first episode of the long-awaited web series with the farmer Souad Razzouk who’s holding interesting stories about her past and her family, but most importantly precious lifetime advices for women. While watching the episode, you can feel the difference between this series and any other creation, for it is based on detailed frames of the individuals and their surroundings. Let’s not forget to mention the poetic editing and the relaxing sound design based on silence most of the time.

Zyara is a quick, artistic, authentic and straight to the point series which in every three to five minute episode is “depicting intimate poeticized portraits of various individuals from around the world”. It is the first Home of Cine-Jam creation, awarded Best Documentary Web Series at the UK Web Fest 2015, Best Innovative Technique or Narrative at Bilbao Web Fest 2015, Best Documentary Web Series & Best Cinematography at Dub Web Fest 2015, and Special Award Creative Media for positive change at Mythwork 2015. And in order to celebrate the success of this artistic inspirational series, we will be featuring its episodes on our blog.

Meet the team behind this masterpiece:
Producer: Denise Jabbour
Director/Cinematographer: Muriel Aboulrouss
Editor: Liliane Hanbali
Sound Engineer: Mohab Chanesaz
Camera Assistant: Rachelle Noja
Colorist: Khalil Abourrousse
Graphic designer: Samar Haddad
Translator to English/Copywriter: Serena Abi Aad
Translation to Arabic: Robert Haddad
Translation to Chinese: Daniel Khalil
Translation to Spanish: Natalia Alonso Garcia & Maite Orueta Ancona

Post written by Nadine Asmar

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