“Fairouz” Dazzles the Audience at the first Edition of the Beirut Art Film Festival in Lebanon!

After a year of preparation, the first edition of the Beirut Art Film Festival came to life with a great selection of documentaries from around the world. On Wednesday November 4 the festival was inaugurated with the presence of the organizers, partners, cinema professionals and public figures, all gathered at one place: Metropolis Cinema – Sofil, Ashrafieh (Lebanon).

Fairouz (1998) by Frédéric Mitterrand

The opening was consecrated with the 1998 documentary Fairouz by French journalist Frédéric Mitterrand. The documentary features interviews with our ambassador to the stars as well as a roundup of her life: from Al Basta invery where she led a modest life with her family, till her international huge success. Fairouz herself talked about her early life, her first steps in the music world and the crucial moment when she met Assi who would become her husband and lifetime partner and his brother Mansour Rahbani, a turning point in her career and life.

The message that was carried by the 1998 documentary is kind of prophetic. It tells the great deception of Fairouz who disappeared after her last ovation in 1994 in Beirut and wouldn’t return until her faith in Lebanon is restored.

Dalí’s Last Masterpiece (2015) by David Pujol
Dalí’s Last Masterpiece (2015) by David Pujol

The festival will screen a well-chosen bouquet of great documentaries that meet all people’s tastes and likings. A worldwide premiere of David Pujol’s Dalí’s Last Masterpiece is happening on November 5, 2015. Check the full program of the festival.

For more information, visit www.bafflebanon.org

The opening ceremony was organized by Luxury Limited Edition by Cynthia Sarkis Perros

Post written by Nadine Asmar

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