Shopping Alexander Wang’s collection… Some tips and pieces of advice!

The collection will hit H&M stores worldwide on November 6, 2014. Wang x H&M If you’re able to shop online in your country of residence, you might wanna pre-select the items you wanna buy. Expect the website to go down since it will be crowded. If you’re opting for a shopping at H&M boutiques, first, check the point of sales since the collection won’t be displayed in all H&M stores. Second, you need to reserve your spot early in the morning to ensure being able to access your selected items before anyone else. In some selected stores, your shopping time is around 10 minutes max! So be sure to hurry and pick your favorite items. For changes and returns, you can still benefit from H&M’s policy within 28 to 30 days (depends if you bought online or at the points of sales). The Wang collection is limited. Hence, H&M is having a strict policy for its online and boutique sales:

  • 1 piece/size/item/person. Please note that the number of items may vary if you’re buying online or in stores, and it depends on your country.
  • Shoppers will form a group of 20 persons. A 10 minute shopping time will be allowed for each group.
  • Colored bracelets will be distributed by H&M staff to organize the groups.

You can still access H&M stores if you don’t want to buy the designer’s collection. Bon shopping chez H&M!


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